Doesn't Everyone Freeze Their Yarn?

So, after "purchasing" for my favorite price (FREE) a green and brass baker's rack for the workroom (You gotta love small town D*U*M*Ps and their swap sheds -- the perfect bentwood rocker in my workshop was $5.00 in our previous town.) I set about reorganizing some yarn, and what should escape one of the tubs of wool but a moth. Ugh!

So, in a week, when we have the Sunday School over here for the annual picnic, and it gets hot and someone goes into the chest freezer anyone who knows us knows is where they will find the popsicles, they might get a bit of a surprise. Doesn't everyone keep their yarn in the freezer. I know at least one knitter who does. Alas, I do not believe that the damage is all that serious since this yarn was all stored in the same place in our old house and the same tub since being packed to move here, and not long before we moved I knit a felted stuffed hedgehog (yes, one of those) for my niece from some of that yarn and encountered no problems.

Of course, the rest of the workroom had to be sprayed down once again with lavender spray, so it's a little smelly in here. Good thing I like the smell of lavender.

So does Mr. K. And speaking of the beast, this is what happened when I tried to take a picture of the ribbing on my niece's penguin sweater:

All yarn and yarn accessories belong to the K-man. There are no exceptions, even for my dear (and irreplaceable) Brittany walnuts (yes, I realized I messed up the ribbing and will have to frog -- oh bother!):

Oh, well. We love him, and at least he isn't out on the streets doing 'nip and chasing the lady cats.

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