Project Linus

Blankets have been a bit of an obsession here at the parsonage for the past couple of weeks. I've been finally getting this very simple blanket finished:

Pattern: The world's simplest baby blanket. Pattern below.
Yarn: Red Heart (yes, I know, but it was hanging about)
Needles: Addi Turbo 32" #10

The Baby Blanket
Materials: 700 yards worsted-weight yarn, divided in half for the square (add another 350 yards in a second color for the larger rectangle); size 10 needles or size required to get about 4 sts=1" in garter stitch
Gauge: 4 sts=1" in garter stitch

Cast on 4 sts
Increase Row: K2, YO, K to end
repeat Increase Row until you have used up half the yarn (or half the main color for the rectangle)

For square blanket, skip to Decrease Row, for rectangle blanket, work with contrast color in straight section.

Straight Section Row 1: K2, YO, K to end
Straight Section Row 2: K1, K2tog, YO, K2tog, K to end
repeat these two rows until you have used up all of the contrast yarn, then return to main color and work decrease rows.

Decrease Row: K1, K2tog, YO, K2tog, K to end
repeat Decrease Row until 4 stitches remain

Bind off.

And M and some of her students have been busy with these:

These are two of the Project Linus blankets her mini-course students have been working on. These kids range from Kindergarten through 8th grade, so the knitting is inconsistent, but they're all very sincere.

The kids have knit squares, and M has been joining them together with crocheting, then putting borders around them. I really love this one:

These will all be sent off to Project Linus next week.

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