OMG! Really?!

Not EVEN going to try to catch up. I blame my day job. If you stare at a computer screen all day for a living, who wants to spend more time staring at a computer screen in the evening? Especially if you do said staring-for-a-living from the home office. I generally don't even want to see my computer once I've finished work for the day.

Sigh. I should really just suck it up. I do realize how incredibly lucky I am that I: a) have a job; b) have a full-time job I can do from home; c) have a home in which to do said job; d) have a partner who mostly gets that just because I'm home all day doesn't mean I'm home all day, if you know what I mean; and e) have just enough of a social life that I remember what the world looks like beyond the house. Oh, and f) that I don't have to leave said job behind when we move to West Virginia later this Spring (more on that in the future).

So there.

And, yes, there has been fiber. Lots and lots of fiber over the past few months. Some of the highlights:

Overshot "Norse Kitchen" Towels
Norse Kitchen Towels for my SIL for Christmas. Pattern is "Norse Kitchen" from A Handweaver's Pattern Book. Warp and tabby weft are 16/2 cotton in fuchsia and the pattern weft is 8/2 cotton in carnation pink. These were great fun to weave (I do love overshot) and I am exceedingly pleased with how they turned out.

MIL's Towels
Twill towels. Last fall I lucked into my dream loom (one of them): a 40" 4-shaft cherry Norwood. And is she ever gorgeous! She needed a good cleaning and some TLC with Howard's Feed n Wax and then she was ready to sit in the studio and glow. The first warp on her was 9 yards of snowy white 8/2 cotton, threaded for a rambler rose twill from Davison. The first two towels I wove were these yellow ones for my MIL for Christmas. I love how they turned out. I threaded straight-draw twill for 3/4" on either selvage, and rather than doing plain weave hems, I just wove 2" with a straight-draw treadling on either end of each towel. Made for nice even hems since there was no difference between the draw-in on the hems and the draw-in of the pattern.

Brown Cotlin Towels
These brown towels with a weft of Valley Yarns 8/2 Cotton Linen were for us. I loved working with this yarn. I have sworn off linen because of a really bad experience with it in my first weaving class, but this blend is quite a delight. I also wove two with Christmas colors (one with green hem and red body; the other reversed) which for some reason I never photographed. Hmmmm.

August Mystery Socks - Scales
Yes, knitting, too. These were actually the August Mystery Sock for the Solid Socks group on Ravelry. I started them on time, but for some reason they got set aside sometime in September and only finished last month. Love the pattern, and totally love the Hairball Yarn wool-bamboo-nylon blend I chose to knit these with. I would link to her shop, but it's down right now. You can find her on Ravelry, though.

Dwell for Dad
As soon as I saw these adorable houses and trees on the cover of the Knit Picks catalog I knew I had to make them for my FIL. He is the king of the Christmas village -- his is a major metropolitan area, complete with airport. These diminutive houses are perfect for a centerpiece, however, and he loved them. Yarn is Palette left over from other projects.

There's more, oh so much more. Perhaps later.

One final parting comment: I must make THESE.

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