Breathe Deep(ly)

And tell us, how did you spend your Easter? At the new soon-to-be parsonage, we spent the day tearing down curtains and letting the sun (and fresh air) shine in!

Between sunrise service and 10am, we began the process of un-sealing our new rental property which we discovered had been hermetically sealed for a very long time. In fact, when we opened (after much effort) the front door, we found insulation wrapped in newspaper from October 24, 1997! We also discovered that at some point the front step had heaved so that the storm door scraped badly when opening. Guess everyone will be a backdoor guest.

Since our "landlady" had discovered the secret hiding place for the window and door screens, we got to work taking out the storms (yes, these are those old "afterthought" storm/screen frames which require the removal of storms to put the screens in) and putting in screens. Someone (late husband, most likely) had kindly numbered all the storms and screens, making matching up much easier.

I swear, when we finally got about 1/3 of the screens in and opened the windows wide to the fresh air, I could hear the house breathing deeply. I certainly was. Fresh air, even cold, Easter-morning fresh air, is such a relief after closed-up-and-recycled-for-nearly-a-decade air.

The curtains were a project and a half. Each window had (at least) two drapes and a half-curtain (oh, every window also has a roller shade). When we finally got them all down -- not a quick or easy task considering the sheer number of curtains, the multiple rods per window, and the height of the windows -- they made a pile about 3-1/2 feet deep across the laundry room. I kid you not.

We would have gone home and packed after all of that, but ... the packing is DONE! Okay, there are still those few things we need tonight and tomorrow morning, but that's it. We are so ready to move -- no, I take that back -- we are so ready to be in the new house.

Did do some research on the Wonderlic Personnel Test. It doesn't look all that scary -- just some basic SAT-type questions: a bit of logic, and bit of simple algebra, some reading comprehension. Nothing I can't handle. Actually looking forward to it (I'm one of those sickos whose only real nightmare about the GRE involved sitting still for an entire morning).

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