A Day of Adrenaline

Got up and forwent(?) the gym this morning to help with the last minute packing, then headed off to work for a couple of hours before THE MEETING.

Before I could get to the meeting, however, all heck broke loose back at the homestead. (This would be the all-packed-in-boxes-and-we're-ready-to-get-the-*bleep*-out-of-there homestead.) M called me at 9:15 to inform me that the mover (who was supposed to show at 8:30) wasn't there yet. I figured he was getting a truck or rounding up his troops and told her not to worry, but to call him.

10:00, no mover; 10:15, no mover; 10:30, I have to get my behind out of the office for the meeting. On the way up the highway cell phone rings -- still no mover, but a good luck wish.

Make it to the meeting with mere milliseconds to spare; apologize to the editor, explaining that our mover is MIA. He shared an amusing-in-retrospect story about their last move home to New England from Texas, and I relaxed -- somehow everything will be okay.

After the meeting (and the Wonderlic -- more below), I called home to find that our dear, dear MS had, indeed, forgotten us. He was having a nervous breakdown and on his way to the house with some hired day help (all of his men were on the job he forgot us for) and his trailer to get us moved.

And move us he did. Less than 5 hours after they showed at the old house, they were pulling out of the driveway at the new one. Record time, I say. And nothing was broken, no woodwork or floors in either house gouged, and everyone in a fairly good mood.

Cats, not so. They didn't like one bit being dumped at a stranger's house, and our poor little Mr. K hid under the bathtub when we went to pick them up. When we got them to the (very disarrayed) house, Lady B was a little disgruntled but soon realized that this was all her stuff. She marked a few things and spent the rest of the night wandering about making a mental map of the place. Mr. K was less accepting. Poor little traumatized thing: he hid, wanted nothing to do with any of it, discovered a quiet bedroom upstairs and has pretty much stayed there since.

Yeah, the Wonderlic. Not so bad, really. Most people don't finish, and neither did I (got through 48, though). Pretty confident that I at least did well enough that I

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