Some People!

Disgusting (not gross, just disgusting human behavior) thing I saw today:

There is some kind of metal working shop that shares our
road/alley/parking lot area, and they have a huge construction
dumpster. Last night as I was leaving work (at 4:30pm, so it was still
very much daylight outside) I saw two trucks pull up and a man get out
of one and throw an old lawn mower into the dumpster. Argh!

In a positive(?) development, tonight we learned that our little man,
Mr. K, is capable of defending himself, his home, and his family from
intruder kitties. Our two little ones were on the screen porch, and
the neighbor cat (who had previously hissed and growled at both of
ours) was outside looking in. We heard a commotion and turned around
in time to see Mr. K -- tail fluffed to three times normal size, hair
standing up all along his backbone -- trying to get at NC through the
screen. He actually hissed and growled himself. We'd never heard it.
Our mild-mannered linebacker kitty standing up for himself. It was a
proud moment. Of course, little man spent the next hour running from
window to window -- tail a-flickin' -- watching NC make his way around
the yard.

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