Brought to You By the Letter "S"

S is for Sock

This is the latest test knit for Anastasia and Kollage. It's a herringbone rib sock knit in Luscious. Again, I am loving this yarn. It is super soft, has no wool (a blessing in Tucson), and it great to work with. The pattern is simple and guy-friendly -- gotta love that.

S is for SSGTSKI

That was the license plate number on this gas guzzler we found parked right in front of our house Sunday evening. Now, our HOA has very strict rules about vehicles parked in the street -- in fact I wouldn't be surprised if our landlords have already received a citation for this. But look a little closer:

Have I mentioned before that M is a MINISTER?! Fortunately, none of the church members are likely to be in our neighborhood or stopping by on a Sunday evening, but still. Don't know who among our neighbors was having the party, but I wonder if they just didn't want the thing parked in front of their house.

S is for Summer Knitting

Isabella is coming along, though she's been set aside to work on the test socks. I'm liking the pattern, and I think the simplicity of the stockinette was exactly what I needed after my failure with the lace earlier this month.

S is for Scorpion

They're endemic to the area, and we were bound to run into one (or more) eventually. But did it have to be him. You see, of all the species of scorpion in these here United States, there is only one which is capable of killing a human being with its venom alone (some people die from other scorpion stings due to anaphalactic shock rather than the toxicity of the venom). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Centruroides sculpturatus, the Arizona bark scorpion. This one found lounging in our hallway Saturday evening. Now, even this one isn't going to kill a healthy adult human, but it can kill children and by extension my animals (reports that cats are immune to scorpion venom are probably unfounded). And its sting is PAINful, or so I've heard. This one was removed without incident, and we haven't seen any others. (Though there is a certain someone out there, BRUCE, who insists on telling us horror stories about scorpions in an attempt to get us to call the exterminator now.)

S is for Sunset

We are treated to a beautiful one nearly every evening here in the desert. This was Sunday's.

Perhaps that S should be for "skybluepink" -- that lovely color the sky turns briefly at sunset.

And finally....

S is for Sedona

Where M and I are going this weekend to relax and recharge. And probably hike and shop some, too. The socks and Isabella are going with me.


Michelle F said...

Hey! Nice socks! We'll miss you at reunion this weekend!
Oh - Mt Holyoke We Pay thee Tuition, in honor of youth that's gone wrong.....


Sandy said...

We will miss you all, too. Say hi to the old place (and the old gang) for us.

It was 20 years ago today.... (wow)

So from barroom to bedroom we stagger, and united in free love for all....

Ina said...

Handsome sock - that yarn really is luscious.