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Okay, I realize that this isn't supposed to be a desert blog, but indulge me -- it's my sandbox.

Ina asked in the comments to "Spring is Springing" if the ferny foliage behind the bird of paradise is from the bird itself. Here's the pic:
Yes, indeed, the ferny foliage belongs to the bird of paradise. It's a woody shrub or tree, and like many trees native to the Sonoran (I've never lived in any other desert, so I don't know about them) it has tiny leaves in these fern-like configurations which make the trees look very airy. So there must be some advantage in this climate to having lots of small leaves rather than a few large ones. Another thing I'm sure must have some adaptive advantage is the bearing of leguminous (?) seeds. The bird of paradise, mesquite, palo verde, ironwood and a number of other viney/shrubby things all bear seeds in pods like beans or peas.

In knitting news, I have about 8" of the back of Isabella done. No pics, sorry. I also received a shipment from Kollage to start test knitting another pair of socks for Anastasia. This one is a ribbed pattern rather than lace (probably good given my recent issues with lace). No pics there, either.

Until I have something more exciting to say....


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Ina said...

Thanks for the additional photo. I thought the flower looked strangely like a pea flower all dressed up to look like an orchid! I'm amazed by the brilliant color and the ruffles.

Legumes have the ability to make their own nitrogen fertilizer, a big advantage in tough environments.