Painless Process

So, yesterday I applied for unemployment. It was a relatively painless process -- you can do it over the phone now, and aside from the nearly 1/2-hour wait on hold (how many people in this state become unemployed every week?!) it was very easy. Lots of questions and it was done. No driving to an office and waiting in line. Now I wait for them to process the paperwork and for my former employer (who has promised not to fight unemployment) to complete their part of the paperwork.

Meanwhile, I am obligated now to make a minimum of 3 work search contacts every week and keep a log of such which is to be provided to them if they request it. Hmmm, from what the very nice woman I spoke to said, I make a minimum of 3 work search contacts (by their definition) a day, since they count checking job boards and the help wanted ads in the paper. I guess they can't expect some professionals who've been laid off to actually find 3 appropriate jobs to apply for in a week.

Word of the day: "interrobang". And, no, it is not an interrogation technique favored by the CIA, though that is a good guess. There is an interrobang in this post, if that helps. It's actually that nonstandard but oh-so-useful punctuation mark (?!) intended to convey the sense of both a question mark and an exclamation point. More on Wikipedia.

Another positive for this new state of my life: I can blog more regularly; of course, I can also write in general more regularly, and that can only be a good thing.

Back to work on the baby surprises for the twins. I LOVE this pattern!

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