Lookee What I Found!

So, after frogging the plum sweater and despairing the loss of my mojo, I decided to organize the needles -- finally -- they've been a disaster since we moved.

While going through the stash box where most of the needles lived during the move, I found a WIP I had completely forgotten about. Completely! I must have started it about two years ago and put it aside goodness knows why.

So, I give you, The Tucson Ribbed T:
The pattern is Bob from the Spring '03 Knitty. I cannot for the life of me explain why it is I put this down. The pattern is simple, the outcome is a flattering, comfortable T (if the comments on Ravelry are any indication), and I really like the yarn I'm using. Guess this poor sweater was simply a victim of WIP-overload at some point. Perhaps I started it when I was going through a bout of startitis -- it strikes every once in a while.

Anyhoo, why "Tucson Ribbed T"?
Don't even know how long this one's been discontinued, but it ain't even on Yarndex. I do love the saguaro for the "t" on the label, tho.

So, I have a project, and so far it hasn't bitten me. I have split for the raglan decreases and almost finished the front. Just the back raglan and the sleeves left to knit, so this one should be done well before it's too warm to wear it.

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