100 Things

It has come to my attention that since my move to the grand Southwest (I'm not trying to rub it in or anything, but it's pushing 80 here today, and I had to put the shades back on the family room window 'cuz it was HOT!), some of the 100 things were no longer valid, so here's a current, updated version.

Also, I'm still feeling a bit under the weather after whatever knocked me out last weekend, so I don't feel like taking pics. Tucson ribbed T is done and washed and ready for photo-ing. Have started work on a secret (until April) project I'm loving (details at Ravelry).

But here goes -- 100 (or so) things:

  1. My favorite vegetable is brussels sprouts

  2. My second favorite is asparagus

  3. With the exception of <2 years of my early childhood, I have never lived outside New England

  4. I made the 2nd biggest leap of faith in my life when I left New England for the wilds of Arizona -- and so far I'm loving it

  5. I really don't like the cold

  6. AT ALL

  7. Though I do love sledding

  8. I've never been downhill skiing

  9. And I don't ever plan to

  10. I once ran over my own leg with a lawn tractor (don't ask me how)

  11. I am afraid of the dark

  12. I am also slightly claustrophobic

  13. Ouija boards do not "work" when I'm in the room

  14. My favorite sport to watch on TV is football

  15. My favorite sport to watch in person is hockey

  16. The only sport I've ever come close to being good at is tennis

  17. I can't play any more because I have carpal tunnel in both wrists

  18. And no ACL in my left knee

  19. I always knew I would be a pastor's wife

  20. I always knew I would never have children

  21. I learned to knit when I was five years old

  22. I learned to crochet shortly thereafter

  23. While my mother knits (and taught me to knit) English, she sent me to my aunt to learn to knit continental because she thought it would be faster

  24. I now knit some sort of combination knitting

  25. I didn't know until recently that that's what it is called

  26. A few years ago I lost 70+ pounds

  27. I have gained about 20 of it back

  28. While I would love to be a size 8 again, I am coming to terms with 12

  29. I quit smoking without going through any withdrawal

  30. I eat a banana every day

  31. Some irrational part of me thinks that if I don't I will die

  32. I never had training wheels -- before my father could get them on my first two-wheeler, I got on and took off without wobbling or falling

  33. This astounds me because I'm one of the most clumsy people I know

  34. Everyone in my immediate family graduated from high schools whose colors were black and orange

  35. I hate black and orange

  36. I don't have a favorite color

  37. But if I did it would be green (or red, or purple, or pink... you get the point)

  38. It would never be blue

  39. I could best be described as a libertarian

  40. I currently live in my dream house

  41. Unfortunately, we don't own it

  42. But you should see the view

  43. I didn't want a dog because they need to be taken for walks during blizzards

  44. Now that I live in Tucson, this isn't a concern

  45. Though now heat stroke and rattlesnakes are

  46. We adopted one anyway

  47. I love him and can't imagine life without him

  48. And I've discovered snow isn't half as bad as cold and wind

  49. I am still a cat person

  50. We also have 2 cats

  51. Our baby boy cat was seized from an abusive home by DSS

  52. He has finally lost his fear of the appliances (except the vacuum)

  53. He's still not sure about strangers, though he's incredibly curious about everything

  54. And for some reason, he seems completely unfrightened by children, even the really loud, active ones

  55. Don't tell my parents, but all those times they couldn't find Scott and me at church we were up in the belfry

  56. It had the best view in town

  57. Sometimes I yearn to preach

  58. I could never be a church pastor because once a year I would have to lead worship from a chancel filled with Easter lilies, and that just might kill me -- literally

  59. If it pollinates, chances are I'm allergic to it

  60. I am far more physically fit than I look

  61. I work out nearly every day

  62. I LOVE to work out

  63. I don't believe in the death penalty

  64. I love it when someone else cooks me breakfast

  65. Numbers (NOT the book of the Bible) don't always make sense to me

  66. Come to think of it, Numbers (the book of the Bible) doesn't always make sense either

  67. I have always preferred the company of men

  68. If I were still single and he asked, I would probably marry JD

  69. Not that he'd ask

  70. And I can't really imagine me as an Army Officer's wife

  71. M says it's probably a lot like being a pastor's wife

  72. I am an INTP

  73. I wish we had more lesbian friends, but...

  74. I am intimidated by many lesbians, and...

  75. I find many others way too angry to be around.

  76. I don't understand the reluctance/fear most people seem to have about dating/marrying/having sex with an ordained person

  77. It pains me to watch our single clergy friends struggle with this

  78. My favorite book of the Bible is Philippians

  79. Don't tell my wife or his, but I have just the tiniest crush on the minister who married us

  80. I changed my mind about college majors because I was afraid of the particle accelerator

  81. Yeah, I know in my mind it's not dangerous

  82. I chose my college major because it had the fewest in-subject requirements

  83. Yes, I took full advantage of the breadth of a liberal arts education

  84. I have been told on multiple occasions that I am "too smart"

  85. I still don't understand what people mean by that

  86. I know what they mean by "too intense," and I own it

  87. My dream job is homemaker

  88. With a sideline as a freelance writer/editor

  89. It's taken me years to be able to admit that

  90. I am one of the most honest people I know

  91. Honest in that fairly transparent, motives up front, what-you-see-is-what-you-get sort of way

  92. NOT honest in that rude-in-the-name-of-honesty way (see this commentary by Stephanie -- it's #3, the big question)

  93. Sometimes this gets me in trouble in interpersonal relationships because I behave as if other people are just as honest

  94. No matter how much evidence I've seen that they aren't, I am still usually blindsided by other people's duplicitousness

  95. I am a process knitter

  96. And once I've figured out the process, projects can languish

  97. I fell in love with weaving the first night of my first ever weaving class

  98. I bought a loom shortly thereafter

  99. As with knitting and crochet, I am nearly fearless when it comes to weaving projects

  100. I've wanted a workshop for ages, and now that I have it, I don't use a lot it because I miss M too much when I'm up there

  101. I have had a compulsion to write since I was old enough to do so

  102. I never thought I would like ballroom dancing

  103. After marrying a ballroom dancer, I find I love it

  104. But I think I really only love dancing with M

  105. I passed the Jeopardy test once

  106. But I didn't get on the show

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