Recipe For a Cheap Date

Friday night is date night around here. Lately that has meant dinner -- either at home or at our favorite Mexican place -- then a wander about the Foothills Mall, followed by coffee and desert somewhere. Yes, we're wild and crazy.

Yesterday was a little different:
  • M finds expiring gift certificate for a free medium specialty pizza at a local gourmet pizza place we've yet to try out. Total cost for dinner: $3.00 for soda
  • Cold Stone Creamery coupon means two ice creams for $5.00
  • Stop by the video store to pick up a movie (My Big Fat Greek Wedding -- can you believe M's never seen it?) and discover that it's free movie weekend. Total cost for entertainment: $0.00
Bringing the grand total cost of our cheap date night to $8 plus tax. Under $10 for dinner, ice cream, and movie for 2. Gotta love it.

Coming soon: elegant date night for two on the cheap (cash in credit card reward points for Melting Pot gift cards).

Yeah, yeah, I know I owe the blog a picture and details on the finished Tucson Ribbed T. It's coming, really -- gotta cut all those pesky ends off and photo it.

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