Day Two: 430 miles, 3 states, 8 hours

26 September 2007 7:47pm (still EDT). Oh, and that 3 states things is a bit misleading -- we ventured less than a mile into Indiana (far enough to find what touts itself as the world's largest fireworks store -- I'm guessing fireworks are illegal in Ohio?) before getting off the highway and doubling back into Ohio.

Yes, it's much, much earlier than last night, and we've actually been here for a couple of hours. Much more casual evening, with real supper (tenderloin, roasted potatoes and green beans -- I tell you, THIS is the way to camp!) And WiFi!!!!

We made much better time today, despite the rain and a late start thanks to a cat who found a hole no one had previously known existed. The motor home gave no one any grief, the rain was not terribly heavy, no serious traffic getting around Columbus at rush hour, and yay -- a good day!

I mentioned the cat finding a hidey hold no one knew existed. I should mention that our animals are mostly behaving like troupers on the trip. Pupper may be cured of his fascination with car travel after a few boring days (he sighed a lot today -- but then again, we were driving through Ohio -- we were all prone to sighing from boredom). He sleeps or pants while we're driving and happily runs around when we stop for pee breaks. Last night he slept through the night, barely moving, so he must have been tuckered.

The cats are dealing better than we expected with the travel in the motor home. They both started out a bit nervous and whiny, but by lunch yesterday they had calmed and were sleeping under the kitchen chairs while the coach was moving. When the world stops moving around them, they're as friendly and curious and silly as they always are at home.

Interestingly, it is regal Queen B and not our nervous K-man who seems to be having the harder time. I wonder if, like many creatures who've always been secure, she doesn't quite have to tools to deal with the insecurity of her current situation. K-man, on the other hand, spent the first 15 months of his life quite insecure and may have better coping skills as a result.

In knitting news, M has finished sock #1 is and it almost ready to do the heel flap on sock #2. Circus Monkey #1 is awaiting it's appointment with Dr. Kitchener tonight. Pictures later -- I'm too tired and hungry to deal with the camera at this point.

So, things are better than yesterday and looking up for tomorrow (a short day, only 360 miles or so, which should land us somewhere the other side of St. Louis). Perhaps as we get further south, we'll find a pool that's still open and time to enjoy it.

Until we next find WiFi...

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