Parade of Socks

Here are the promised socks:

Pattern: Cascade Yarns Two-Toed Sock
Yarn: Cascade Fixation # oh, I don't know -- me and ball bands, you know -- but it was 2 of the variegated and one of the purple
Needles: Addi Turbo 40" #4, magic loop style

These socks were my gift to myself after finishing (and watching her fall in love with) M's pink ones. I love them as much as M loves hers. Very soft and comfy.

Pattern: Basic 72-stitch top-down sock with 1x1 ribbed band and 3x1 rib on the leg and instep
Yarn: Plymouth Sockotta #367, one ball
Needles: Inox 40" circular #0 (2.0mm), magic loop style

Sockotta is easy to work with, and I love the colors of this sock (it goes beautifully with my pink All Stars, too), but now that I've felt the TOFUtsies, it's hard to go back to "cotton" sock yarn with that wool bite. They'll be nice for cooler weather in Tucson, though. In fact, these socks are my time measurement: they were knit on our first trip to Tucson, one on the way out, the other on the way back.

Pattern: Same generic pattern as the Sockotta sock above, though done over 64 stitches rather than 72
Yarn: Here we go again, it's Regia Multiringel in some colorway that Webs no longer has on closeout
Needles: Inox 40" circular #1 (2.5mm), magic loop style

What is there to say? Like the yarn, like the colors, though I'm not sure what the colors will go with. Guess that's not important with hand-knit socks, if they stand out all the better.

Pattern: Basically, it's the heel and foot of a basic 64-stitch sock with 3/4" of ribbing at the top
Yarn: Regia Stretch Crazy Color #115, one ball
Needles: Inox 40" circular #1 (2.5mm), magic loop style

Told you I'd been busy knitting socks. I don't know why, but that's about all I've felt like knitting lately. Guess it's that portability, simplicity, undemanding nature of socks. With life as uncertain, upheaved, and crazy as it is right now, I don't need big projects that demand a lot of attention.

I have almost finished my first pair of Monkeys. Just one pattern repeat and the toe to go on the second, then will photo and post.

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