They Think so Small, They Use Small Words

[Which reminds me that one of the (many) moments that told me M was the one for me was the day she called and told me that she hadn't been able to email that day because she was dealing with a recalcitrant computer.]

BTW -- there ain't no knitting content here, so if you're seeking, move along for today.
It occurs to me that an explanation might be in order for a recent post title. While I have always believed Peter Gabriel's song to be satirical if not completely self mocking, I have to say that lately I've been seeing some truth in it as well. [Forgive me, while packing I discovered the CDs of cheesy 80s music which belong to my college class -- which must be sent off to Susan before we move so that they may be available for next year's 20th (gasp!) reunion festivities -- and I loaded them onto my iPod.]

After a few years of living in and confronting (on so many fronts) the establishment of a small, small town, I have realized that there are small town people, and then there are the rest of us. It was not my intention to dis' this small town where I live or the people who love it. It is a perfectly nice place ... if you like small towns ... and were born and raised here ... and desire nothing more than to maintain the status quo (or, better yet, turn back the clock 50 years) ... and you never, ever, not even in the private recesses of your own thoughts, refer to taking the husks off corn as shucking (don't ask). I did not say I was too GOOD for this small town, only that I'm too big for it.

I grew up in New England (though, admittedly in a NOT small town), and I have always had a romantic attraction to what Bill Bryson (if you haven't, you should) called the "white-steepled beauty" if its small towns. I just haven't always had a practical affinity for them.

So for now, bring on the city (though not the "big, big city") and its transplants who don't have 250 years of family history struggling against any change, good or bad. Bring on a highly educated, highly curious, highly motivated population of people who have chosen to leave behind all that history and live in a harsh climate amongst the beasts and the cacti.

Most of all, just get me out of this small, small town.

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