I Want This!

Well, okay, if you won't let me put a link in the title... it's this that I'm talking about. And fortunately, there's enough wool in the correct weight in the stash to make a few, I'm sure.

Okay, my niece may need some Woodins, too.

So many projects... and these days all I really want to knit is socks. Well, these days all I CAN knit is socks since all the other yarn is packed. Okay, not truly inaccessible, but I'm considering it packed and therefore not available to start any new projects until we're settled in Tucson (can it really be that we leave in a week and a half?!).

The most exciting news of the week may be that I finally finished the knitting portion of our orange Smooch last night. Blocking will commence this evening with finishing and photo-ing this weekend (fingers crossed).

And this, this may make me finally break down and knit a pair of socks for my bestest bud -- who is a bit of a sock nut -- because it just seems too intriguing NOT to try. Yes, I will be buying Cat's new book, but again, not until after we're settled in Tucson (we've agreed on a moratorium on acquiring anything else that'll just have to be packed).

Remind me that later I need to share with you what M's been up to (it's soooo cool!).

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