I'm Too Big for this Small Town

[There's knitting content here for those who persevere.]

I've moved before. I've moved many times before. Both U-Haul-wise and hire-the-mover-wise (never yet been fortunate enough for one of those hire-the-mover-to-do-the-packing-too moves). But I have realized recently that I have never really MOVED. That is, moving across the country isn't anything like moving across the state.

First off, we've got not only the two of us and all our earthly possessions to move: we've got two kitties, one doggie, and two cars. While this experience has helped me understand why people leave pets (especially cats) at shelters when they make long distance moves, I could never do that (WE could never do that). But how to get two cats, neither of whom is fond of the car 2200 miles?

Flying is out as the K-Man is too big to comfortably spend 7 hours or more in an airline-approved carry-on, Pupper is way too big to carry on, and I ain't shipping anyone cargo. Driving could prove to be a nightmare scenario for all involved, but especially the cats who'd have to spend many hours a day for 6 days in their crates.

Enter my parents and this beautiful beast known as a 38-foot motor home. They've got friends in Albuquerque who've been after them to visit for years; the Balloon Festival begins on October 6; and the cats are more likely to take the trip in stride if they take it in style.

Have I mentioned that I love my parents? And that I owe my father big time for this one. Six days in a motor home with 2 cats, a dog, and three women could try the patience of anyone. Fortunately, my father is one of the most patient people I know.

So, we leave in caravan: my parents, M, and the cats in the RV; with me following behind in M's car with Pupper. My car will be shipped. M and I will trade off driving her car with the dog, and we'll all meet up for lunch and to sleep for the night.

And where are we going when we get there? I'm happy to announce that we have signed the lease (finally!) on a great house. We and our stuff have a destination. Hooray! And just one thing to share about that:

I knew when I saw these circus tent stripes on the wall of one of the guest rooms (probably the one that'll be my workroom) that this was the house for me.

Okay, some knitting content:

Pattern: Tidal Wave Socks from Southwest Trading
Yarn: TOFUtsies #726, one ball
Needles: Inox 40" circular #1 (2.5mm), magic loop style

I LOVE this yarn; I LOVE this pattern. For a yarn that is 50% wool, it is not at all itchy on the foot, and it is a dream to knit. I'd heard people rave that they loved the yarn, and I'd heard people rave that they hated it. It definitely has no "give", and you have to be careful with your tension, but I found it comfortable, soft, and quite fast to work.

We bought just a few more balls of TOFUtsies on a recent trip to Webs to spend the last of our credits and gift certificates before the move. Our aim on the trip was to stock up on non-wool sock yarns, and we succeeded:

Let's see: Cascade Fixation in 3678 and 8176 for a pair of Red Sox; Cascade Fixation in 9936 because it went with one of the day's color themes; Online Supersocke #1001 (I know, wool, but it fit the OTHER color theme); Filatura di Crosa Maxime Print #5047 (again, wool, but the color, you know); and TOFUtsies #784, 725, and 790. Sock Yarn Doesn't Count (and with M learning to knit socks, there are now two of us to keep supplied)!

What I may love most about the Tidal Wave socks is just how perfectly they go with my pink All Stars:

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