Day Four: 465 miles, 2 states, 8 hours

On the outskirts of Oklahoma City, OK, 28 September 2007, 9:29pm CDT

A long day of travel, mileage-wise, though because we're talking I-44 through Western Missouri and Northeastern Oklahoma, it was fairly smooth and fast sailing, time-wise. We're now ensconsed in an RV park west of OK City (we may or may not still be within the city limits -- someday I may get used to these western cities and where they begin and end). And the best part -- the pool is inside and still open! And they have a spa. So I finally got my swim and my soak in a hot tub. That combined with a good long night's sleep last night -- and a dinner we didn't have to cook or clean up after -- meant that tonight was nice and relaxing.

There's WiFi here, but it doesn't seem to go anywhere; I'm tired; and the Pupper needs to be emptied before bed, so I'll stop here and share the rest of our day and some observations from the road when we find WiFi that goes somewhere.

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