Been Away So Long....

Really, I've been knitting [some of it super-secret, which is a bummer 'cuz I really like the finished product -- oh well, in a couple of months...] I just haven't been writing about it. I've also been playing, or more correctly, watching other people play at Tucson Electric Park (I <3 Spring Training!).

So, the knitting. I finished Mystery Project #1 which will be delivered to its intended recipient by April 2nd, after which I will post photos here. For the curious, here is a link to details on Ravelry.

Then there was that super-secret Mystery Project #2. Can't give any details (sorry, not even on Ravelry) for now, but here's a peek:
Sneak Peek of Mystery Project 2

That's it -- the rest will have to wait until the pattern is published.

But here's some knitting I can show off:

Just a black and white striped scarf, right? Of course not:

I saw the pattern and knew I had to make it for Marilyn, my piano teacher who also happens to be our church's organist and the wife of M's Senior Pastor.

I am loving the knitting, and can't help but turn it sideways every few rows to admire the growing keyboard (I've finished only one octave so far). I think I may become addicted to illusion knitting very quickly.

In other knitting news, the darn grey socks are almost done. Here's a pic of #1 as it stood Wednesday afternoon:

Since then I've finished #1 and am about to turn the heel on #2, and I can't wait to have them done. Why am I so anxious to finish? Well, it could be that I'm sick of grey; it could be that I'm not really liking how splitty the yarn is; it could be that I am completely bored with all that tiny stockinette. Yes, it could be any of those things, but what it really is that I finally bought myself a Knit Picks Harmony wood 2.5mm circ for sock knitting and I really, REALLY want to use it.

And yes, since you asked, my toenails ARE fluorescent pink, and I DO drink far too much Diet Coke (though right now I'm enjoying a Diet Barq's).

Oh, and now that they've finally made it available on its own, I've ordered me a copy of the Morehouse Farms Alligator Scarf pattern. Oh how I wish they did online delivery of patterns (yeah, like I need to start another project right now, but I like instant gratification).

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