They're DONE!

The Grey Socks

The grey socks are DONE!

Pattern: Generic top-down sock, 68 stitches with 2x2 rib at the cuff and a slip-stitch heel.
Yarn: Mega Boots Stretch Softcolor #505
Needle: Inox 2.5mm 40" circular, magic loop style

This is the second pair of socks I've attempted with Mega Boots Stretch (the first I've finished), and I'm really not sure I like the yarn. It's very splitty and very fuzzy which can make it difficult to work with. But the socks are done, and as soon as I find someone in a colder clime with size 8 (women's) feet or smaller, they will have a home.

But now it's on to the next sock project:
2nd Tidal Waves Socks 1

A new pair of Tidal Wave Socks (pdf link) from the pattern by Deby Lake. It's TOFUtsies #727. And, of course, they're being knit on my new KnitPicks Harmony circular (32" 2.5mm). I am in love with the needle so far.

I love this pattern and this yarn. The pattern is a simple but interesting lace that's perfect for on-the-go knitting. The yarn is soft (and even softer when it's been washed a couple dozen times as my other pair of Tidal Waves have been), not at all itchy, and it holds up beautifully to wear and washing. I know there are those who really don't like it at all, but I am certainly not one of them.

And last, I had to share this little episode in our house last night. Monday morning is trash time in the neighborhood, so Sunday evening M empties all the trash cans and the litter boxes that need it so she can put out the trash barrel before we go to bed. Last night, when she emptied the smaller litter box, she came back in to find this:
K-Man Litter Box 2

That's our little K-Man settling himself in to the litter box. He loves to curl up in small spaces, but the litter box?! Fortunately, we use liners, so the box itself was clean, but still. He appeared ready to take a nap:
K-Man in Litter Box 1

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