Piano Illusion Scarf

This one was a really fun knit. Watching the illusion develop made the mostly-garter-stitch-but-still-have-to-pay-attention knitting significantly less of a chore. I'm sure Marilyn (who I know loves funky socks) will appreciate it.
Piano Illusion 3

Pattern: Counterpoint Scarf by Jennifer Crawford (from whom I also borrowed the idea of photographing it ON the keyboard
Yarn: Peaches 'n Creme Cotton in white and black; just about 1.5 balls of black and probably an equal amount of white (we buy that by the cone) for a 4+ octave scarf which blocked out to just about 5'
Needles: #5 Brittany Walnut (I LOVE those needles)
Mods: I don't think I finished it the way the pattern said: I basically just made the end look like the beginning.

And if she doesn't wear it as a scarf, perhaps a table runner:
Piano Illusion 2

In other knitting news: the first Tidal Wave sock is just about to the toe. No new photos, sorry. I can say, however, that I am LOVING the Harmony needle. The cable is soft and the tips really do feel like glass. I don't think I realized just how much I was enjoying this needle or how much nicer it was than my former standby sock needle until I had to use said needle yesterday to work on an emergency project.

Emergency project?! Yes, the school where M used to teach is having its annual fundraising auction next month (the one for which Mr. Penguin was felted last year), and she got an email from one of the parent coordinators wishing that they had such an item this year. I figured I don't have time to felt an animal in time to get it there for pre-auction viewing, but I can whip out a Knitted Babe in a couple of days, right?

So, yesterday afternoon, I cast on for a Babe (this one'll only have one outfit). The body's done and stuffed, and I've picked up the stitches for the first arm (among the mods this time around are knitting the body in the round, picking up stitches for the arms and legs, and doing the arms and legs in i-cord). Will post photos when she's a little more decent.

Speaking of that, I should stop writing and get back to the knitting. Wish me luck!


Ina said...

Good luck!

Love your piano illusion!

Geraldine said...

Love the piano illusion - also found the pattern on ravelry and have queued it until i manage to go out and buy some white yarn as I've run out!