I'm just soo tickled with this I had to share:
Candy Corn Dishcloth 2

Sorry the photo's a bit blurry, but you can see what it is, right? When I found the pattern (through Ravelry) I knew I had to make one for M because she's a candy corn freak. Okay, not the most Easter-ish of Easter presents, but she gave me ballpark snacks (we're off to a game after church today), so we're having a completely non-traditional Easter in the Old Pueblo.

Pattern: Knitted Candy Corn Illusion Cloth from Rhonda White (I could spend forever on her site)
Yarn: Peaches n' Creme in White, Black, Yellow, and Orange (I'm too lazy right now to walk the 20 steps to the loom room to find the color numbers)
Needles: #7 Brittany walnut (the ones with the beautiful turnings they don't make anymore)

Cast on and bound off last evening (with time to spare to knit some more on the piano scarf).

M teased me about being so tickled with this, but she doesn't have a leg to stand on considering the number of dishcloths she's made (and been equally tickled with) since I showed her the dishcloth site.

In other knitting news: the piano scarf is half done, having just reached three octaves long. No new photos yet.

Now, let's see if I can get that darn grey sock done today so I can start something else and use my new KnitPicks Harmony needle. My mother called last night and told me just how much she's loving knitting on hers and suggested that I fondle mine for a bit as motivation to get the grey sock done (I have, and it worked). [Lest you think my family is totally nuts: she did not call to tell me to fondle a knitting needle; it just came up.]

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