Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It can save more than the environment. Case in point, these:
Swiffer Covers 2

Handy, dandy handmade covers for my Swiffers (dry and the Wet Jet). Total cost for the two: approx $2.25, a savings of goodness knows how much over the at least two disposable cloths each I was using per week before. Now to find a solution that will replace the floor cleaning fluid for the Wet Jet.... Any ideas?

Pattern: Skull Charms Reusable Swiffer Cover
Yarn: Peaches 'n Creme, black (MC) and 168, the imaginatively named "shades of green" (CC) -- a little less than a ball of each for the two
Needle: Brittany walnut (yeah, the beautifully turned ones they're not making anymore) #7 -- note a pattern lately in my needle usage?
Mods: None for the dry Swiffer cover. For the cover for the Wet Jet, I did three full repeats of the 12-row pattern to make it wide enough to fit.

Here's a pic showing the "pockets" at the end which hold it on:
Swiffer Covers 1

Just love these!

In other RRR news, M and I found this at the thrift store today:

Yep, a handmade Irish fisherman sweater. And it was dirt cheap 'cuz, frankly, who'd WANT one of these here?! We had a chilly winter this year, and I can't remember a single moment when I would have been tempted to put this on (and I've been cold since about birth).

Anyhoo, that's about 31 ounces of prime Irish wool (checked the seams, and it looks completely re-claimable) or a really beautiful sweater for someone who'd like it. [Sweater measures about 48" at the underarm.] I couldn't leave it in the store but, honestly, don't really have a use for it myself. So, anyone wanna make an offer (trade preferred) for it?

Oh, and this should add credence to its claim of being handmade:

Note the boo boo in the cable on the sleeve.

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Anonymous said...

You can remove the caps to the wet jet buy putting it in boiling water for 30-45 seconds. Then cut off the little grippes on the inside the bottle.

Fill it with 50/50 vinegar/water solution and add in some essential oils if you'd like.