Celtics 3, Lakers 1, Sandy Spent

Phew! Thursday's game was, well, exciting? How 'bout downright heart-attack-inducing? I wonder how many of our friends back east went to bed at halftime only to pick up the Globe this morning and go "Wha... Huh...?"

We've been watching the playoffs with friends at a local sports pub (something I haven't done in ages, but plan on doing more of in the future). Thursday evening we found the room we've been hanging in full of Celtics fans (Sunday evening, there were a few Lakers fans in the room who actually headed off to play pool when the Cs took a 20+ point lead). Needless to say, the room was fairly quiet, unless you counted all the grumbling about the officiating (don't get me started on the long-held -- since the 80s at least -- belief that officials are pressured to extend series) for the first half. M at one point suggested that perhaps we go shoe shopping. I had taken some knitting (secret project, but one that starts with a whole lot of stockinette in the round, so is perfect for bar knitting), and Matt decided that I was pretty smart to have brought something to do. At least no one left or headed off into the adjacent room to play pool.

Now, Tuesday evening's game was, well, for lack of a better word, amusing. It will be many moons before I lose the desire to chuckle when I remember Kevin Garnett's dunk-that-wasn't. And the fact that the Cs could play THAT BADLY and still lose by only 6 points is, well, evidence that they SHOULD win the series. But it was amusing for the simple fact that we could afford to lose it. We didn't really need to drop two straight in LA, however (besides, some days the urge to smack the smirk off Jack Nicholson's face is overwhelming -- I've been a Celtics fans since birth, you see).

By the time Thursday's game was over and the Celtics had completed the most improbable comeback in NBA playoff history, I felt wrung-out. I think our little gang may have been just as much in need of a three-day rest as the Cs.

So, Sunday night we will be back in our familiar spot at the pub, cheering our hearts out for the Cs to win their first championship in over 20 years. As much as I would like to see them win it in Boston (something the Sox haven't yet done for the city), I won't complain if they end it in 5.

Besides, if the series goes to 7 games, the cheescake might just kill me.

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