The Sock Will Set You Free

Mystery Project is still being a pill, but it has satisfied our masters enough that work will continue with (knock wood) no further back tracking.

Summer of Socks couldn't have come at a better time, however, as this little beauty has been keeping me sane while dealing with recalcitrant yarn:

It's a Marigold Sock (pdf link -- Ravelry link here) from FlintKnits. Yarn is Noro Kureyon Sock #182 (not quite a rainbow, but happy nonetheless). I have been looking forward to making this sock with this yarn since I saw Veronique's pair out of the Regia Nation rainbow yarn. They were the ideal first project for SOS08.

Apropos of a recent ranting post, I found this mock Sunday Magazine cover at The Onion:

And now I must off to finish the housecleaning before the Red Sox/Diamondbacks game (one of the few chances I get here in Tucson to see my beloved Sox play).

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Anonymous said...

Too bad your beloved Sox lost to your neighbors, the Diamondbacks!!