Sandy Knits (and un-knits)

Total knitting accomplished for the weekend:

~7" of endless stockinette-in-the-round (worsted weight) - 3.5 socks = that much closer to finishing the secret project, and some sock yarn to use for something that inspires (not to mention socks that we will wear).

This is what remains of my Happy Feet Socks (I didn't hate them, they had just ceased to inspire me, and I hadn't picked up sock #2 in weeks -- and I wanted to clear the decks for Summer of Socks) and the socks I made ages ago (but have worn maybe once) from Lorna's Laces in the rainbow color way.

I never liked the look of the socks made from the Lorna's Laces:
Lornas Laces Rainbow Socks

This yarn was so beautiful on the skein (and even the balls are nice), but what's with the gold-dominance in the finished products? (And gold right now just makes me think of Kobe Bryant, and, well, don't get me started -- maybe in a later post.)

So, the yarn is reclaimed, and just in time for a possible experiment. Look over there on the left and see that I have joined the Tour de France KAL, in the polka dot jersey category. Right now, my plan is to finally learn entrelac (I have heard it's impossible; I've heard it's the simplest thing going -- time I found out for myself). In the process, I hope to perfect my knitting backwards skills as well. I had heard a rumor (probably in the Queer Revelry group over at Ravelry) that if you use the rainbow colorway of LL in entrelac, it might just keep some of its rainbow qualities due to the short rows.

Of course, the entrelac socks I want to make are the ones from Socks, Socks, Socks, and right now I don't have a copy of the book. I suppose someone as sock obsessed as I can be should own it, right? I have a little time before the Tour starts.

Oh, and an FO I forgot all about:

It's, well, it's another baby surprise. This one from Debbie Bliss Merino DK #704 (looks like the offspring of burgundy and chocolate brown) and following the pattern exactly. NOT knit on my trusty Susanne Ebony as all the other baby surprises have been. I needed a project on a size 6 needle that I could work while doing almost anything that would take the better part of 12 hours to complete. Someday I hope to be able to say why, but for now, that's all I can say. And now I have a baby surprise jacket (I swear it's the only one still in my possession).

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