Random Wednesday

My job brings a lot of the wierdness (and, yes, the unwelcome crap) of the Internet to my computer on a daily basis. Sometimes I can't help but bookmark some of it. So, this random Wednesday, I share.

Matt Miller

Not being a skateboarder (though as someone who was a teenager in the 80s I have always been drawn to people who do it well), I didn't know who Matt Miller was until I ran across this video on YouTube:

I am always amazed by people who can do that.

Virtual Barber Shop

Yes, that's exactly what it says. Put on your headphones (these are essential to the experience unless you have really, really good speakers placed perfectly) and sit back.

Moon Trees

Did you know that when Stuart A. Roosa went to the moon on Apollo 14, his "personal preference kit" included a bunch of tree seeds? The seeds were eventually planted back here on Earth and all germinated. No record was kept of where all the trees went, but a NASA scientist is working on cataloging them.

Random Things To Do

This one is just fun. And I love the disclaimer:
Randomthingstodo.com is not responsible for any bad events that may occur if you actually decide to do any of these things. However, not all of these activities are dangerous and are actually good ideas, so please use good judgement and enjoy the website.

Books Cheap or Free

Frugal Reader allows you to list books you're offering to send to other members and request books other members have listed. Interesting book recycling.

Of course, there's also BookSwim, kind of a NetFlix for books. A membership fee allows you to rent books (there are multiple levels, just like NetFlix) and keep them as long as it takes you to read them. Given the overdue fines and my tendency to forget to return books at the library, this may be a cheaper option for me.

And there's BookCrossing which is an idea I wish I'd come up with.


You have to read it for yourself.

And This

Which is just plain, well, neat.

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