In Love

I am a bit enamored of this little number from the Spring Knitty. I think it would look fabulous on M. Problem is I don't believe there is anything in the stash that will ... oh wait, I bet there is.

Yep, cones of some no-longer-produced 6/2/2 in dark teal and fuchsia that I picked up for a song a while ago would probably do quite nicely. When I have a chance, I will have to swatch it and see.

Okay, one of the projects (on the long list of household projects to get done now that I'm not working) that needs attention is an inventory and organization of the stash. Wanna glimpse?
On the left there is about half of the stashed stash. The rest is on the other side of the room in similar tubs as well as overflow bags. The pic on the right shows the projects-in-waiting area. These are all yarns and patterns which have been matched and are in the queue. Remember, there are two fiber addicts in this house, so it's not quite as dreadful as all that.

And that doesn't include the sock yarn. Oh no, the sock yarn has its own home separate from the rest of the stash. Do I have a problem?

While I was upstairs flashing the stash, I couldn't help but flash this as well:This is the bed in the tiny bedroom at the top of the front stairs. Shortly after we moved in the cats claimed this room and this bed as their own. From the window behind the adorably sleeping K-man they can watch the world go by -- or at least pick up its mail. We live in one of those small, one-postal-employee towns without rural delivery. If you want mail in this here village, ya gotta git yerself to the post office (conveniently located one driveway over from ours). This window has a perfect view of the post office/town hall parking lot and the parking lot of the inn across the street. Oh, they can also see the small driveway island where we've placed the "cat TV" (otherwise known as a bird smorgasbord).

Flash: The temperature here in Western MA is supposed to reach the mid-60s today (back to freezing by the weekend), and I just looked up to find no fewer than 10 robins hopping around on the small bare patch of lawn at the library next door. Does anyone else remember learning the vocabulary sentence, "Robins are a harbinger of Spring."? I'm still not sure I know what harbinger really means, but I do remember that sentence all these years later. I've heard rumors that many robins didn't even leave this winter, but I'm still taking the flock next door as a positive sign that soon I may not be freezing by substantial buns off.

Okay, time for some math -- the kitties can look out their window to see the post office and town hall, and I can look out my office window at the library. Yes, that means we pretty much live dead-center in this little hamlet. Positive: It is very easy to give people directions to our house. Negative: We can't get away with nothin'.

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