Snow Day Randomness

Pupper Is Out Of the Doghouse

Shopping is shopping no matter where you do it. M is the shopper in this household, and lo and behold, this morning she was able to find what I couldn't -- where LL Bean had hidden the rest of the slipper socks on their website. Still limited choices in my size, but they had them, and soon (3-5 business days), I will be the proud owner of a pair of these:
Aren't they lovely? And they will go perfectly with my jammies (a red and white striped night shirt and various red-based men's flannel pajama bottons).

A Workout Solution

Last Saturday we bought an exercise bike. Now M can workout in the mornings before work AND still have time to relax with the newspaper over breakfast. And I can clean, write, read, or whatever while she works out and then prepare us a real breakfast. Then I get to workout mid-morning. We don't have to worry about whether the equipment we want will be available or whether the TV will be tuned to the right channel; we can workout even when the weather is too crappy to drive to the gym (as it is today); and we can workout on weekends (when neither one of us was ever motivated to drive to the gym). Hooray! I figure I can even pedal on the bike while I watch "my show" (I've become addicted to Mission: Organization) in the afternoons.

A Valentine's Day Miracle

Sometime in the afternoon, between K-man's bouts of heat seeking, a miracle occurred:
That is all three of our critters on the same piece of furniture. K-man jumped off the couch almost immediately after I took the pic, but Lady B has taken to sleeping on the couch next to Pupper lately. She even snuggled between Pupper and me this morning on the bed.

Wonder How Many Showed Up?

When we woke up and turned the TV on this morning, it was showing a 2 hour delay for M's school. So we did the necessary morning stuff (walk the dog and feed the furry ones) then returned to bed to snooze for an hour or so. While M was on the bike after the second awakening, the scroll on the TV now said her school was closed. So did the two other channels. A quick phone call confirmed that the school is, indeed, closed. But I wonder how many parents and staff missed the second announcement and showed up at 10 wondering where everyone else is.

And here's to snow days that are Fridays!

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