Rainbow Socks

They're done, and they're great!

Pattern: Toe-up sock with magic cast-on, short-row heel, and a 2x2 rib on the top of the foot and up the leg. 64 stitches, leg and foot.
Yarn: Regia 4-ply Nation Color #5399, 2 balls
Needle: 40" #1 Addi Turbo, magic loop style, both at the same time

I do have to admit that I need to frog the bind off and redo it. I plan on using this method thanks to Grumperina. Of course, that obstacle did not stand in the way of starting these:
I needed something to knit at church yesterday. Yes, I knit in church. I also knit in class in college and graduate school (with the professor's permission, of course), and I knit in meetings when I can get away with it. I blame it on ADHD. If my hands aren't engaged in something, I can't pay attention. [BTW: I have asked the pastor (aka my wife) if she minds my knitting in church and she doesn't.]

Is the pattern obvious yet?
I've been wanting to make Jaywalkers for a while now, and they've finally come to the top of the pile. Yarn is Regia 4-ply Mini Ringel #5217, and I'm doing them both at the same time magic-loop style on the same Addi I used for the rainbow socks. I'm really loving the two socks at once thing. I'm also loving the fake yarn bras I appropriated from one of my mother's dolls; they are perfect for holding 50g balls of sock yarn.

Pupper wants to know why Mommy keeps putting all these socks on his couch and taking pictures of them.

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