Oh, A Job Interview

Forgot to mention that I have a job interview this afternoon. It's for an actual library job, something akin to what I went to school to do and originally intended to do with my life. Of course, I'm seriously overqualified for this job, but it's a place to start getting my library career on a different path.

The problem I am facing right now is that I spent all of my professional life doing something very specialized in a specific type of library. And I don't want to do that thing anymore. Unfortunately, if I look for a job in that same type of library, they see me only as a specialist (of a type I don't want to be anymore), and if I look at any other type of library, the see only that I've spent my entire professional career in a different type of library.

The answer: essentially pretend I don't have the graduate degree for now and start back at the bottom, with the type of jobs I had while I was earning the degree. It'll give me "appropriate" experience to then pursue a new career path. Make sense? Mind you, I'm not lying on my resume, just downplaying my more specialized experience in favor of my more generalized education and experience.

We'll see how it goes. It sounds like an interesting job, much closer to what I thought I would be doing with my professional career than what I wound up doing anyway. AND it's a job primarily working with the books and the databases used to control them. No pesky patrons to deal with.

In other news, I started volunteer training at the local animal shelter last night, and I signed Pupper up to be a volunteer in their pet visitation program. Requirements for dogs in the program include that they must enjoy attention. That's our Pupper alright! If you will give him attention he will eat it up. And if you have other things to do, he'll just be here waiting for when you have time for him.

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