A Sneak Peek

Quite a while ago I whipped up this little sample:It's a 4-shaft gothic cross twill in 8/2 tencel with a sett of 24epi (convenient as the repeat on the threading is also 24 ends). Warp colors are (from the outside) amethyst, red purple and gray mauve; weft is all gray mauve. M loves it, and M needs a new purple stole. Of course, since I am unlikely to get this woven before the end of Lent, she won't need said purple stole for another year (unless she chooses to wear purple during Advent), but I still think this might be her birthday present. Yes, she reads the blog, but do you know how hard it is to keep a project this big secret from the person you live with? Hiding a knitting project is one thing, but hiding an entire loom? Don't think so.

Best part: I can do this on the little loom (a 15 3/4" Leclerc Voyageur 12-shaft) while Mom's placemats are still on the "big" loom (a 32" 4-shaft Purrington).

Raise your hand if you were beginning to doubt that I really weave.

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