What a Difference a Week Makes

On the first day of Spring, you remember the views. Now Spring is springing (just ask my sinuses), and the views are much different.
THE VIEW showing greening fields and just a small remaining pile of very dirty snow.

Daffodils peeking their little leaves out through the piled leaves which have kept them warm all winter.

The first gently unfurling leaves of a hollyhock (uncovered for their closeup then quickly recovered for protection).

Some volunteer tulips -- I believe they are last Easter's tulips stuck in the garden when it was an overgrown mess last spring (I spent two consecutive weekends last fall ripping out unwanted vegetation, including some inkberry tubers bigger than my forearm) and forgotten about.

Something -- I'm guessing more daffodils -- growing beside the back steps. One of the joys of watching a new-to-you house in the spring is seeing just what grows where.

What aren't pictured here are all the irises I separated last fall (they hadn't been lifted in probaby 10 years) and replanted. Because of the very mild early winter, I do worry a little for them, though I see signs that some of them are sprouting, so there's hope. If not for the ones I planted, perhaps for the dozens of bulbs which spent the winter in cold storage in the shed (there were enough bulbs after I lifted them to plant six gardens).

And there are crocuses blooming from my needles.

I picked up an extra ball of yarn yesterday as I am now convinced it'll take more than the six balls the pattern calls for. I cracked into the fourth to finish the back, and this isn't one of those deep v-neck vests.

I also picked up some yarn for Mom while I was at WEBS yesterday. Since she's paying me back for it when I take it to her, it doesn't count, right? Besides, what are you supposed to do when your mother calls and says, "I got the WEBS sale flyer yesterday, can you get me some yarn?"

And the loom is moved!
Mom, those placemats may make the trip to Maine with us later this spring, really.

PS. What I ferried from the hotel to the shelter yesterday was nothing more harmful than linens. Though you never know what might be hidden in the middle of a large bag of clean sheets. Best not to ask too many questions....

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