They're Heeeeere!

Hooray! The FedEx truck came yesterday and dropped of these beauties. Pupper has been duly warned that even a contemplation of coming close to these with his teeth might result in his nice warm fur coat keeping someone else warm for the rest of the winter. Mommy is just very jacked at the utter loveliness of her new foot joy.

Pupper seems calmer to be spending his time alone in his kennel. I think he feels safe in there. And when he's in there, he knows we're not home so he doesn't have to worry about looking for us. You see, Pupper is deaf. Not completely deaf, but enough so that he doesn't hear us speaking to him, and he can't figure out where we are in the house by listening. For this reason, he gets nervous when he can't see us and starts looking around the house for us. I think it's when he can't find us that he gets scared and starts digging through the trash cans or chomping on shoes. If he's in his kennel, he knows he doesn't have to keep track of us and he can relax. Usually we come home to find him asleep in the kennel. And like I've said, he goes into the open kennel and naps in the mornings when I'm in the office.

PS. The second pink sock is done, and M is wearing them to school today. Now I hope to get these finished for me:
They're my first foray into two socks at the same time on one circ (I'm loving it), and only my second into toe-up socks (also loving knowing I can make them as long as I have yarn). The yarn is Regia 4-ply Nation Color in #5399; needle is an Addi Turbo 40" #1. Pattern is a very simple 2x2 rib on the top of the foot which will be carried up the calf. I'm about one color stripe away from the short row heel (they would be fine on me now, but M has these long narrow feet, so to make it possible for her to wear them, I have to make them a smidge too long for me).

I have to say I love the reaction these socks get when I knit on them in public. Knitters see the closed toe at the beginning and wonder what I'm doing or how I did it; non-knitters just can't get over the size of the stitches. After last night's Lenten Study/Art Appreciation lesson I was surrounded by people asking questions about the yarn, the pattern, the needles, and how the heck I could knit two socks at once and on only one needle. I just can't wait to have them done so I can wear them.

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