New Things Happening

The job interview went really well last week, and it seems like a job I would really love and be good at. The search committee (which includes the person who would be my direct supervisor) was great, and they seemed to have a good time and not balk completely at my answers. And they asked some of the best and most reasonable questions I've been asked in a job interview in a while.

A little about the job itself. A few years ago the college bought an old Strategic Air Command bunker. That's right, one of those places the military could hide people and sensitive stuff during crises. It's been re-purposed to hold lesser-used library materials. Two people work there full time processing materials and responding to requests to use the materials. TWO PEOPLE. Anyone who knows me knows that short of ONE person, two people is just about my ideal working environment. I've realized I don't mind working FOR other people half as much as I mind working WITH other people.

And the whole place has this great feel to it. Think of what you think a library should be -- quiet, dusty, kind of intimidating -- that's what this place is like. She did email asking for references, so I guess they didn't totally dismiss me. We'll see what happens from here. I think I would love the job, and I definitely know I would love being back in a library, but at the same time, I like the freedom and ease which my not working has given our home life.

I am also now the President of the local Friends of the Library. I kinda got strong armed into accepting the position, but now that I've got it, I intend to do it right. Starting with making sure that Board meetings last no longer than an hour and are actually productive. Then we'll move on to planning programs properly and moving beyond "what we've always done".

Running my first meeting as President definitely gave me some appreciation for what M is up against trying to save a church which is stuck in "we've never done it that way before".

Tonight is my volunteer training for the animal shelter, but I've already got volunteer assignments. This afternoon, I pick up something from a local hotel -- I'm to go to the desk and ask for Jen and bring whatever she gives me to the shelter. I'm taking it on faith that whatever it is is legal.

Keeping busy is sooo important.

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