Don't even know if that's a word, but it seems to describe this:

Pattern: Baby Bib o'Love from Mason-Dixon Knitting
Yarn: Top to bottom: Peaches n Creme #159, pink lilacs; Rowan Handknit Cotton #263, bleached; and Rowan Denim #225
Needle: #6 (you can see this coming, right?) Brittany walnut
Mods: Peaches n Creme bib is knit over 35 stitches with 8-stitch straps; the other two are per the pattern.

In the photo above, the Denim bib (the first knit) has been washed and dried. I love this yarn. This ball was a singleton (a sample, I believe), and the bib was the perfect project to use almost all of it. Now that Tucson Yarn is carrying some RYC yarns, perhaps they'll be able to special order me some Denim. Of course, this is what my fingers looked like when I finished the knitting:

The other two bibs have not been washed yet. They'll just go in with a load of laundry tomorrow on laundry day -- the Denim I actually washed by hand in the sink (didn't take a picture of my fingernails after all that hand agitation) and then dried with a load of towels.

These bibs are part of a virtual baby shower the folks in the Queer Revelry group over at Ravelry are putting together for a special little girl and her family. Many thanks to WonderMike (of Yknit) for coordinating it.

Also for the same little girl is this:

It's a top-down baby sweater, shaping (but not the hearts) borrowed from the Made With Love Sweater at MagKnits. Yarn is Peaches n Creme #173, Spring Meadows.

And just because cotton seems to be a theme in my knitting all around these days, this bundle of loveliness arrived in the mail today:
(Note to the folks at Kollage: there is plastic under the yarn, honest)

Two skeins of Luscious in the new colorway Rosetta. Color not completely accurate here -- it's really a very pretty pink with just a hint of mauve. Alas, this is not to keep, but to test knit some socks that'll have to be returned. Have permission to blog and Ravel the project in process, however, so I will.

Oh, and what am I porting these days?

Simple toe-up sock, 2x2 rib on top of foot and (eventually) the leg. Expecting a short-row heel when I get there. Yarn is Regia Ringel Color #5048, purchased at WEBS forever ago when it came in on closeout. Look Ma, not cotton.

PS. The Daisy Socks about which I was waffling have been frogged. There are better projects for the yarn and better yarn for that pattern.

PPS. Heard from my mother today that, now that the excitement of the Princess Barbie is over, the Babe is a hit, and E has named her Elana after a friend from dance class.

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