Something Old...


This is the oldest FO still in my possession. More correctly, it is the oldest KNITTED FO still in my possession -- for the oldest FO, you'll have to wait until after Thanksgiving: I have ornaments I made when just a wee thing and a cross stitch picture I made when I was about 10. I would guess I made this afghan late middle school/early high school.

Pattern: Wool Winder's Favorite Afghan. This pattern is old and has nothing to do with the Wool Winders knitting "salon" in Rockville, MD. The owners of this Wool Winders retired many, many years ago, leaving this pattern in the care of my mother (or more correctly, her shop). This was knit as a sample for her shop. It's a very simple slip-stitch pattern.
Yarn: The pattern originally called for Brunswick Aspen (a yarn I don't think existed even when Mom got the pattern), but this was knit in Bartlettyarns 3-ply. It's been a while, but I think the colors are light heather, garnet heather, coral heather, charcoal, and blue loch.
Needle: The pattern calls for a #15, and I'm assuming that's what I used.

When Mom closed the shop, I got the afghan back. It has been well loved by a few cats over the years and has a few pulls and one place that needs darning. It spends most of its time these days here:
protecting my desk chair from cat hair (it may be wool, but the afghan's still easier to clean than the chair).

Which brings me to....

Something New

Well, it's new to me anyway. Since I've now got a consulting gig which basically requires that I sit at a desk 4 hours a day, I needed a new desk. I've been using an antique library table which I love, but it's small and once the laptop's on it, there's not a lot of room for anything else. So, on a random trip to Goodwill, we found this beauty for $16. I'm guessing (because it has a formica top) that it's 1950s/60s era; in pretty good shape; original hardware; altogether perfect for my needs. Oh, I still have the library table (you can see it to the right there), but it's now free to be just a work surface.

Let's continue the theme with....

Something Borrowed

I mentioned that M's been knitting dishcloths. Here's just a small sampling of the collection that's been growing. Some are states; some are motifs; most are destined to be gifts. Told you she'd gone a little crazy.

Something Blue

These are an odd recent purchase for me because: 1) I'm not fond of blue (M sealed the deal by telling me that they're really periwinkle); and 2) I've never really found a pair of Croc-like things I liked. Real Crocs are way too wide for my feet to feel comfortable in them. These are Bare Traps, and we got them for the princely sum of $5 at Famous Footwear's BOGO 1/2 off sale because M desperately needed this very cute pair of All Stars. They actually fit my foot, and they fill the need for something easy to slip on that I can walk the dog in (can't walk the dog in flip flops). And they also mean that this finally has a home:
My SIL bought this for me ages ago, sure that I, like the rest of the civilized world, owned a pair of Crocs to adorn with it. Alas, I didn't, but now the little piece of shoe jewelry has a home.

On the knitting front, I decided to focus on getting a substantial chunk of the Dr. Who scarf done before starting something else. It's about 2/3 done by now. Can't wait to finish and block it then wear it (for a split-second before the Arizona heat makes it unbearable and I start seeking a Dr. Who fan in colder climes to gift it to).

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