2 Cats + 1 Furminator = Hours of Fun For the Whole Family

I do wish I had taken a picture of the wad of fur that we took off the cats yesterday. I do so love shedding season.

But now on to knitting content.


Please excuse the stain on my t-shirt and the general un-kemptedness of my work-at-home self.

Pattern: Dr. Who Scarf
Yarn: a whole lotta Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport -- if you really need to know, the details are on Ravelry
Needles: #5 Brittany Walnut

I LOVE this scarf! I may or may not be keeping it (keep in mind that, despite currently living 4 inches from the sun, I have wanted this scarf since I was 10), but for now I just like to pat it and know that it's mine. I finally broke down today and turned on the A/C or I never would have been able to wear the scarf to take the picture today.

On to new things -- there was so much yarn left over (at least an untouched ball of each color, and two of the green -- numbers at Rav reflect what I actually used, not what I bought) that I started my next project:

Please forgive me that my first Alligator Scarf will actually be alligator colored. I promise in future to be more creative.

This will be a fun (and likely quick) knit. Fun to offset the impending visit of the in-laws (pray for us all).

Oh, and due to impending IL visit and still having to work every day, blog will be neglected -- I'm just warning ahead of time.

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