I Hate it When This Happens!

Yarn Barf

Last night, innocently trying to find the end of the ball so I can start a test knit project, and there it is: yarn barf (in two pieces, no less). Good grief.

Oh, well, the test knitting went fairly well after that:
Daisy Sock

This will mostly likely hit the frog pond later today since I'm not sure I'm liking the combo of the stitch pattern and the yarn, but I've knit enough to do the editing needed for the pattern and sent the edits to the designer (Ravelry link). I do like the pattern, so will probably make it for real out of some better-suited yarn. Perhaps for my niece (who hates having anything on her feet but lives in Maine where footwear is essential for at least a couple months of each year). [Shout out: Happy Birthday E!]

And lest you think I'm lying about the Tidal Waves:
Tidal Wave 2 Nearly There

I do love this pattern -- so fast. Most of the leg of #2 was knit yesterday during what may be one of the most ridiculous meetings I've ever attended. It's not worth re-hashing here, but suffice it to say I'm glad I've resigned from that committee.

Oh dear, look how late it is! Must off to shower before my piano lesson today.

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