Lots of Heels

The Horseshoe Lace test/sample knit sock has reached its heel:

The color here is about as true as I've been able to photograph yet.

I had actually worked most of the heel when I realized that a) I'd missed something in the directions, and b) the way it was originally designed was going to make some serious holes (cotton isn't quite as forgiving as wool there). Heel has been frogged and Anastasia and I are brainstorming (and testing) other options.

Happy Sock has also almost reached the heeling stage:

Please note: my ankles aren't really that big, it's just the angle, honest.

So, in the next little bit there will be some short-rowing at casa likelyyarns.

There's also most of a baby sweater:

Sleeves are done -- just need to finish the body.

The astute might notice that this isn't actually the sweater I showed Monday. I frogged that sweater 'cuz I decided I really wanted seed stitch bands rather than garter stitch. I also added some stitches, so I would guess this means it really isn't so much the Made With Love Sweater I had originally started.

Pause to note that pre-teen girls are just plain mean (and their parents are sometimes no better). It's school bus time here, and there are a number of pre-teen girls on our little street. While they were walking from the bus stop to their houses, two of the girls stole another's bag and her glasses. The bag wound up in our recycling bin, the glasses were given to a small boy to run away with. Now, the parents are outside, able to see all of this, and no one has done a thing.

Back to our regularly scheduled knitting. Okay, the knitting is really over. How about some explanation as to why there hasn't been a lot of knitting.

Here: http://www.casasadobesucc.org/

That's what I've been doing with most of my day. I inherited this website when we moved here because they learned that I had some experience. Unfortunately, with the host they've chosen, experience is actually a detriment. So much of the appearance of the site is controlled by "skins" I can't edit. And while there is a style sheet which I can, it doesn't always override the "hard-wired" portions of the template. And I can't find an explanation for what all the elements in the style sheet are anywhere -- and I so love reading the page source to find out. Anyway, it is at least better than what I inherited which was a largely static page with nothing to bring anyone back.


Ina said...

Love the socks, and the baby sweater is pure sweetness!

Casas Adobes is so beautiful, especially since I'm used to the faux English Gothic churches around here. Good luck with the website!

Sandy said...

Yes, it is a beautiful building. I have always been drawn to mission style architecture (despite being born and raised amidst the colonial beauty of New England).

Marie sometimes says she feels like she's working in a monastery because the building is actually four separate buildings around a central courtyard, connected and protected by wrought iron gates.

We love it.