Horseshoe Lace


Pattern: Horseshoe Lace Socks, not yet available from Kollage Yarns
Yarn: Kollage Yarns Luscious in colorway Rosetta -- 2 50g hanks
Needle: 40" 2.5mm Addi Turbo
Mods: None, it was a sample/test knit (unless you count the fact that I knit them magic loop rather than on DPs -- didn't stop me from spotting a problem knitters would run into doing it on DPs, so there)

I thoroughly enjoyed both the yarn (a cotton/nylon blend) and the pattern. Had a little issue at first with the heel, but that got sorted and the rest was smooth sailing. Socks are on their way back home today.

The Baby Sweater is also done, but it's in the dryer right now, so no pics (later). Then I need to do a button hunt for the sweater and the three bibs. Photos of all completely completed before they head off to their destination will be forthcoming.

Have started a new Swiffer cover (the larger size for the Wet Jet), this time in white with the same ombre I used on the baby sweater (173, Spring Meadows). Not a very exciting in progress shot, so no pics there, either.

On a personal note: one of the reasons I haven't blogged this week is that I started training Monday for a new job. It's part time, work I can do from home, and all proprietary and confidential-like. Like, even amongst ourselves, we refer to the client as "The Client". Very clandestine. Guess this is one gig you won't find me doing out at the local coffee shop.

Note to my mother and brother who've decided from reading the blog that I knit a lot: Have you noticed how small most of my recent projects have been? Wait until I start on a sweater for me (which I hope to do soon).

And I leave you with a final shot of the horseshoe lace socks, auditioning for a Dali painting:

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Ina said...

Magnificent socks... even if they have poor posture!