Day of Rest

But only for those who've been braving the Pyrenees. For the rest of us, it's work as usual. But first a fight with UPS over third-party shipping. Apparently, they no longer allow you to do it online unless you also have your own established UPS account. And I can't do it at the local UPS store, either. So, Office Depot, here I come.

But all this fighting with UPS does mean one great thing: Mystery Project is DONE.

Mystery Project

Not bad for the first color work I've done in ages, no? Someday I can show off the whole project, but for now I just want it out of my house. I do have to say, though, that I like how it came out.

TdF Update

TdF KAL Market Bag

Some progress. One more tier done, and I've started the last of the full-size tiers. From now on, squares on each tier get smaller so it'll speed up. I'm still finding the entrelac to be very relaxing to work on in the evenings (last night it got a little short shrift for a bit as I watched Josh Hamilton bang all those balls over the walls at Yankee Stadium, however).

And I've decided I probably do have enough of the original color choices to finish the bag (I'd forgotten to figure that each row from here on gets smaller). I do have a plan in case I run out, but I shouldn't. And perhaps I'll even get it done before le Tour is over.

Just Another Lemming

It's a great pattern, so why wouldn't I want to join the masses who are making Spring Forward Socks this summer? All those knitters can't be wrong, right? Yarn is Plymouth Sockotta #816 (I love me a nice bright apple green).

Sorry that's not a Flickr link, but Flickr doesn't seem to want to play nice with that picture. [And I'm beginning to think crawling back into bed isn't such a bad idea.]


Knit Happens
When Alison had her stash sale a little while ago, I picked up this lovely Lorna's Laces in the Knit Happens colorway. Yum.

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