Random Wednesday

Hmm, what's come my way this week?

Our Mission is to Obfuscate

Ran across this mission statement from some company:
[Company name removed to protect the guilty] is dedicated to providing a results-oriented team atmosphere based upon professionalism, honesty, integrity, respect, and commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves in providing high quality customer service with a winning attitude.
I don't know about you, but I won a few rounds of buzzword bingo with that one.

Who Decides What Discipline is Allowed?

Okay, beating your kids is not okay, but this recent ruling in Canada may go a little far.
If you deny your children access to TV or withhold their allowance, can they take you to court? And win?

How Many Can You Get?

This one is especially for those from the US. Test your knowledge of the states. I highly recommend doing the one WITH outlines -- the other is just frightening (and I did fairly well in geography in school).

Just In Case Gas Prices Have You Down

Rent an oil rig of your very own. Well, these people will sell or rent you a new or used rig and even supply a crew to run it.

For Special Occassions

Someecards has e-cards for those with a slightly warped sense of humor. For instance:

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Anonymous said...

It took me 6 min. 42 sec. without the outlines. Isthat okay for an old lady?