A Little Down Today

After learning that Riccardo Ricco tested positive for drugs and Saunier Duval has withdrawn from le Tour, I'm a a little cranky, a little sad and a lot angry. Take Back the Tour.

How about a gratuitous yarn pic to make me feel better:

Mocha Denali

The picture doesn't really do justice to the beautiful pinks and mauves mixed in with the brown. Yarn is Pagewood Farms Denali (Merino/Nylon) in Mocha. I had to go to the yarn store yesterday to return some yarn for M, and this just HAD to come home with me (thank goodness for understanding spouses). Will have to find the perfect pattern for it.

Meanwhile, progress proceeds on the TdFKAL Market Squares bag, but I will spare you all yet another picture that looks a lot like all the others. Have finished the yellow tier I'd started during the All Star Game (congrats to J.D. Drew -- big brother as M and I call him -- on the MVP win) and have started the next red tier (tier 7 of 15, and the first of the from-now-on ever-shrinking tiers -- guess that means I'm a little over halfway done). Still very much enjoying the entrelac, though I can see why some find it tedious or boring.

First Spring Forward sock has a heel:

Spring Forward (now with a heel)

Some day I will get a picture of this which shows the lovely strand of lighter green running through the yarn.

[Aside: you probably didn't even notice, but I stopped in the middle of that sentence and went away for half an hour or so so I could have a conversation with one of the project managers at work about a promotion -- yippeeee!]

So, all in all, not a whole lot of knitting progress to report, but the weekend is coming.

Oh, and Mystery Project is gone, gone, GONE. It'll be in the hands of its rightful owners on Monday, inshallah. I do hope they are pleased with it.

This is where one of my cats has taken to sleeping:

Brownie and the Bentwood

Even after I moved the chair from the living room into the bedroom -- she followed it. Of course, her brother now sleeps under the front of the rocking recliner in the family room (no pic of that yet), so our cats obviously are NOT nervous around rocking chairs.

Oh, that rug by the bentwood rocker? M has had it since she was eight (her father made it). As you can see, it's had a few encounters with vacuum cleaners over the years, but it's held up remarkably well, I think. His name is Lemon Frog -- guess you have to think like an eight-year-old to understand that. [And the rocker itself was $5 at the dump in the town where we lived in the hills of Western MA.]

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