Storm Damage

I had hoped to be able to show off pictures of a Market Squares bag completed. Alas, that was not to be as we came home from dinner Saturday evening to find this:
Storm Damage July 20

Guess the storm was pretty severe here in our neighborhood. Tore down half the trellis on our ramada. More pix:
Storm Damage July 20
Storm Damage July 20
Storm Damage July 20

Consquently, much of Sunday afternoon was spent cleaning up some of the mess (the plants await the landscapers and their scary tools later today probably). Then we need to put up new trellis because around here, a west facing exposure without some kind of shade is a bad thing.

I did get some knitting done on the bag. The bag itself is done:
Market Sqares Bag Unfelted

Here it is draped over one of our counter stools. One handle is knit, and the other is happening (I don't love i-cord). Felting should commence this evening if I'm lucky. And that means that (yes!) it should be done before the cyclers ride into Paris next Sunday (though it's humid enough around here, it may still be drying).

Speaking of cycling, I don't like rest days. I understand that they're necessary, but I go through withdrawal.

In other knitting news, Spring Forward #1 is done, and #2 is started:
Spring Forward Socks

Still loving the pattern, and I love the finished sock.

I have to get to work, but I leave you now with a picture of our cat, impersonating a workout t-shirt:
Brownie in a Drawer

Special thanks to anyone who can come up with an LOL Cat caption for this. I'm just not that clever.

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