Holy Finished Projects, Batman

Bloody Mary

Pattern: Bloody Mary Socks by Sandra Park
Yarn: SW Trading Company TOFUtsies #725
Needle: Knit Picks Harmony 32" 2.5mm
Mods: Um, I stopped reading the pattern, so I don't know.

Love the way the very simple slip-stitch rib pattern and the pseudo-striping of the TOFUtsies play off each other. And I love the colors. The pattern is simple and easy to memorize.

Sock Scarf

Pattern: Plain weave with a sett of 15 epi; 5" width in reed; weave until you run out of yarn.
Yarn: Regia 4-ply Mini Ringel #5220 (WEBS had on closeout AGES ago)

I've had this ball of sock yarn for a very long time and had finally accepted that I didn't want to knit socks with it. It was likely destined for de-stash when I couldn't sleep the other night and started wondering what would happen if I wove with it. Did some quick mental arithmetic and realized that there was enough here for a scarf (albeit a narrow one). So, I wound a warp and wove it up. It was a really quick project (fastest I've ever gotten through 100 grams of sock yarn), and I like the finished project (which looks sort of plaid to me).

I did have to keep the warp fairly loose in the loom and beat it pretty tight to compensate for the stretchiness of a 25% nylon sock yarn, but it worked, and I'm especially proud of the very even selvedges (which always work out better when I don't think about them).

In the future (yes, there's more sock yarn I'm not likely to make socks from in the closet) I would loosen the sett to 12 epi which would probably allow me to make a slightly wider scarf with no loss in length.

Another photo to show the interesting pattern (and those even selvedges):
Sock Scarf

And just because he can't help but be cute, K-man:
K--man Sleeps

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