Random Wednesday

It's been a slow week (and a short one, what with the holiday last Friday), so not a whole lot to share.


Am I That Old?

One query I had to evaluate this week was "Who is Alan Alda?" Well, I mean, what? Wasn't he on West Wing? It is sad, however, to contemplate a generation that may never know the joy of M*A*S*H. Sigh.

Mom's Day

What a mom would say in a day, compressed into 2:55 to the tune of William Tell.

Twister Duvet Cover

Yep, a British company is selling duvet covers that look just like Twister play mats, complete with matching dice.

This is probably a little extreme

This here, I mean.

Seeing Double

Twins take over the subways and have some riders a little confused.


Meg said...

Hi Sandy, just in case you haven't seen it yet, I wanted to let you know that your name was one of the ones drawn at random to be a prize winner in the Tour de France Team Time Trial contest! (prize announcement)

Could you please email me (daysfull AT iprimus DOT com DOT au) your postal address and I'll get a prize out to you in the mail straight away!

sloth-knits said...

Yeowch! I hope your head is feeling better now.

By the way, the sock with the tubey cuff is really cute.