Some Coolness

First off, there's this:


I fell in love with a crocheted bag from The Sak with the fabulous Giles Jourdain print fabric liner. But we're poor, and we have a LOT of yarn around here. So that night, M picked up some Saucy which had been purchased for a tank top which defied her and started crocheting me a bag. It took her a few days and then the crocheting was done. A trip to the fabric store and an hour or so with the sewing machine, and I had this to put in it:


Okay, it's not the cool Giles Jourdain print, but it IS pink and green cammo with paw prints, and that's pretty cool.

Another New Bag

I frogged my entrelac socks which were supposed to be my TdF KAL project, so I needed something new. Always in the back of my mind was the first entrelac project I ever saw, the Market Squares bag from Bags: A Knitter's Dozen (a book I don't own). When I stopped at the library today to return some books, there was the book. So, I have a new TdF KAL project all chosen. The yarn? Well, I've got buckets of wool, so that won't be a problem.

Rally Sock Progress

Rally Socks (2)

Turning the heel on #2; still in love.

Best for Last

When I was a kid, my grandparents had these great aluminum tumblers at the lake house (Mom, what happened to them?). They got really, really cold when you put iced drinks in them and could hurt if you weren't careful, but I loved them. We are trying to limit the plastic in our lives, so M went online to the Vermont Country Store, and today these arrived:


16 oz aluminum tumblers in the bright colors. Yay!

Someone on Plurk asked if I really intended to drink from them, and my answer is "of course!" In fact, I'm drinking from one as I type this. I do have to make some cozies for them to keep from freezing my fingers, but I love them, love them, love them.


adiehl said...

I'm in charge of copy for The Vermont Country Store, and saw your blog—so glad you love the tumblers! I remember getting my lips stuck on the rim as a kid, but boy do they keep things frosty! Looks like you may want to knit cozies, but just in case, I wanted to let you know that we do sell terrycloth jackets that fit around them (#33539).

Anonymous said...

The tumblers that you remember from your youth were so loved and used that they finally began to corrode (probably about the time you were in high school or college) to the point I had to throw them away because they were beginning to "flavor" things. They were my favorites, too, and I'll probably have to order some from Vermont Country Store as whatever we have gets used regularly on the boat and those would be great there, too!

Sarah / Blue Garter said...

I'm glad you've found a new Tour project without having to abandon the entrelac idea! Let us know how it's going!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

My mum has a set of those aluminium cups that have their own cup-shaped leather case; she keeps them in the car for emergency sip-moments