Freedom and Nanners and Plurking (Oh My!)


Pattern: Marigold Socks (pdf link -- here's the Rav link) from Pam over at FlintKnits
Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock #182, 1 ball, 7 knots excised total, all in the first sock
Needle: KnitPicks Harmony circ 32" 2.5mm (what else?)
Mods: Did a figure eight cast on rather than short row toe; garter stitch at the top rather than ribbing; oh, and I inadvertently started the pattern on the back of the leg one repeat early.

Love the socks, loved the pattern, liked the yarn immensely. See previous post for my complaints about knots and unspun bits. And, yes, I do put my feet up on my desk once in a while.

On to my next Summer of Socks project:

This is a "Nanner" sock designed by Wendy Johnson (you may know her, she has this little knitblog). The yarn is some of my payment from Kollage for the test knits I did for Anastasia. It's Luscious in colorway "Yella". I just love that. [Okay, what I did not love at first was that the yarn arrived as the Celtics were playing the Lakers in the NBA finals and this color is awfully close to Laker gold, but I got over it when we won!] It is the perfect color for a sock pattern named after a dancing banana.

Dancing Banana?! Yep, there was only one way to get the pattern for this sock (and I say WAS because it was a limited edition only available until yesterday). Look over there on the sidebar, and you'll see that I did something I never thought I would: I signed up for Plurk (click on the link, you can too, really, it doesn't hurt a bit and all the cool kids are doing it). Call me a lemming, but I wanted the pattern, so I did it. You see, the two things I need most in my life right now are: 1) more things to suck away my online time; and 2) more sock patterns.

So far I'm loving the sock. The lace pattern is easy to memorize, and I'm sure that once the thing has a heel the slight biasing of the pattern will straighten itself out. But I do have a thought for sock #2 (oh, no, more fraternal twins).

I do want to know, however, why it is that my foot is just over 8" around, and the sock is knitting to gauge at 8" around, and yet it still feels a little big. Whassup?

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I just had to respond to this post because I loved the title. Also share the feeling of needing sock patterns and time-suck Internet apps. NOT!
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