Independence Day

In which the cats take over the keyboard.

Hello there Interwebs, this is the Queen B here.

[And K-man, don't forget!].

Yes, well, as I was saying, this is the Queen B. Mommy Sandy and Mommy Marie are celebrating the 4th of July at a baseball game with Uncle Matt; the dog is at the pet hotel for the day; and the computer is all mine.

[Wait a minute, Mommy said I could use it, too. Hi there, hi, this is K-man, very happy to meet you, especially Lucy (she's really, really cute).]

Boys, honestly! You'd never know he was fixed. Anyway, Mommy said I could show you all some pictures and stuff, so here goes.

First is a picture of my regal self:

That's me riding my very own crocodile, Gnash. I was a Queen of the Nile in a former life. Now I'm stuck living with two silly boys.

[Hey, Mommy said you had to be nice to me.]

Like a Baby

This is my stupid little brother. Can you even believe he's a cat? Really, laying on his back letting his mommy rub his belly. Are you a cat or a dog?

[My Mommy loves me very much, and she keeps me safe.]

And I knit, too. Here I am contemplating the possibilities in a ball of pink cotton:
The Queen With Yarn

[Wait, I knit, too. Or, at least, I help. You see, I have a very important job: Mommy says I need to keep the tension just right. Show them, B, show them the picture of me at work.]

Oh alright:
Tension Wrangler

[See, that's me holding the yarn under my paw so Mommy's gauge comes out perfect.]

Yeah, there doesn't appear to be a picture here from all the times you chew on her yarn and make it all wet so she has to knit with soggy yarn. Why doesn't she ever take a picture of that, huh?

[Well, sometimes I just can't help myself.]

Yeah, something else he can't help is showing off all he ain't got. See how silly he looks:
K-man Beefcake Collage

My little brother is a pest, but I do love him, really. Sometimes we get along really well:
B & K Together

B & K Hanging on the Butterfly Chair

Especially when we're asleep.

Anyway, that's all I really wanted to show you, I guess. Mommy will be back behind the keyboard soon. She said she's really looking forward to showing off the opposite of a Nanner (whatever).

Happy 4th of July everyone!

[Yeah, Happy 4th of July! Just keep the fireworks quiet -- they scare me sometimes.]

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